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hope we have

This Hope We Have

Paperback, 146 Pages
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A daily reading of the Bible has been an essential part of our marriage over these last thirty years. Ken and I have a simple belief that the Bible shows us what we were, what we are, and what we can be. There’s a wonderful verse in the Psalms that explains that perspective: “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” (Psalm 119:130). What does the Bible do? It describes God’s mercy and lays down the principles of His justice. It shows us heaven and it shows us hell. We are particularly happy to read that insight is offered “to the simple.” That is to say, what is required is not cleverness or intellectual star-quality but straightforwardness, humility and childlikeness.


Christ in You the Hope of Glory

 Christ in You the Hope of Glory By Ken & Val Baker
Paperback, 122 Pages
Price: €10.00
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The resurrection is an inconvenient truth. Many attempt to sideline it as metaphor, or fable, myth or parable, but it won’t do. Such analyses fall far short of what the New Testament proclaims. The New Testament insists upon a physical death and a physical resurrection. But there’s more: Leonard Ravenhill once remarked that the resurrection was “the standard of power” in the New Testament. That’s an important declaration. It was clearly the generating power of the early church and is the central point of the faith called Christianity. In fact, Paul said quite clearly that “if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you” (Roman s 8:11). That is to say, in every believer, the principle of resurrection is already at work! In this little book of morning devotions we consider the “principle of resurrection” from various angles as God’s way of living in us


A Celtic Charismatic by Dr Ken Baker       Price: €15.00

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This book is a study of the spirituality of Patrick through his own writings, the Confession and the Letter. It is shaped as a series of thirty meditations which may be read in the course of a month, including the author’s own reflections upon Patrick’s use of Scripture, and songs from the Carmina Gadelica. It is the author’s contention that Patrick can be fairly understood as A Celtic Charismatic, in his commitment to Scripture, his emphasis upon mission and in a lifestyle directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. This book is intended as a conversation-starter, perhaps mostly with the Christians of Ireland, towards the recovery of a vital faith and vigorous response to the challenges of our day. “He who wants can laugh and jeer, but I shall not keep silent nor keep hidden the signs and wonders which have been shown to me by the Lord…”

fire n water

Through Fire and Water  (With an Introduction by John Glass)   Paperback: €12.00

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Through Fire and Water is the first of four novels based upon the life of Kathleen Bewley (née Kelly), charting her story from 1915 to 1923. This forms the context for giving an account of the beginnings of the Elim movement and the wider story of Pentecostalism in Britain and Ireland. 2015 is the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the Elim Movement, whose beginnings can be fairly traced to a single tent crusade in a field outside Monaghan town. Dr Baker tells the story from the context of twentieth century Irish history, amidst the pain of the First World War, the Partition of Ireland and the Belfast riots of the early 1920s

all thatgod

All That God has For You   by Dr Ken Baker        Price: €12.00

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Taking one Psalm for a whole month requires calm development of the skill of listening. But Ken’s conviction is that God loves to speak to us. It requires a conscious recognition of one’s prejudices and preconceived ideas, and then a dropping of one’s guard. God, you will find, is happy to work with us where we are. Hebrews begins with an acknowledgment that “In many and various ways” he spoke in times past. He speaks the same Word, but there are still many and various ways in the speaking. But the more I listen, the more He can say. The more He says, the more I am changed. Jim George once said: “If you need a guide for your ongoing relationship with God, read Psalms.”


friend of God

Price: €12.00

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A devotional study of the life of Abraham. The Bible calls Abraham the “Friend of God,” a fitting title for one who walked closely with God, and who received many promises from God. This book examines the idea that we can share that intimacy and claim those promises today. It’s set out in easy-to-read style over thirty-one chapters so that the reader can make it a month of journeying with Abraham.


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The book of Joshua contains the ancient account of the People of Israel’s entry into the “Promised Land” after the death of Moses, under Joshua, the newly chosen leader, and the settling of the land under their occupation. This is a devotional day-by-day study through the Biblical text, taking about a month, to ask the title question “What do these stones mean?” Joshua’s stone marker was intended to provoke a few questions that this little book aims to answer:Who is God? Is He the same today? Can the promises to the people of Joshua be appropriated by the people of Jesus? Does God still move in power today?


churchill book

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This is a short monograph which discusses Churchill’s role as First Lord of the Admiralty from 1911-1915. The title “Worst Lord of Admiralty?” suggests some of the various assessments that historians have made of his role, which culminated in the disaster of the Dardanelles Campaign in 1915.

god of more

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The Bible says, “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.” This little book is a day-to-day collection of Bible verses with which to start your day with the Lord.It is based upon the theme of “The God of More than Enough.” God is our supplier and provider and promises never to let us down.